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Programme 2023

This year we are continuing our partnership with St Benet's Chaplaincy at Queen Mary University London (QMUL) as well as providing courses and tasters to businesses and charities.

We will not be offering any courses for individuals this year.

If you work for a college, university, charity or business and would like to what we can offer do get in touch for a chat.

Bob Chase


For UK charities and businesses - FREE TASTERS

We are currently offering a FREE, online, introduction to Mindfulness   LEARN MORE>

If you know of an employer, charity or business who would like to know more about this online option please contact us for a chat.

Queen Mary University London 

"Thanks for a great session yesterday which students both enjoyed and found useful. IFY students have a particularly hectic timetable and are constantly being bombarded with information, so it was great to give them an introduction to mindfulness" Will - International Foundation Year

New partners

We are delighted to have two new teaching partners recently join us. Will George and Nicole Perkins have valuable experience working in schools, educational and business settings. We are now able to better to respond to increasing requests for tasters and courses.

Queen Mary University Yurt

feedback from clients

Above photo: Bob with Melissa in the Teaching Yurt, Queen Mary University, London

"Bob and Laura help to create a safe space where I managed to explore mindfulness. It was an oasis in the city, in the middle of the week routine. They structured the course to allow progression at our own rhythm. I finished knowing more and being more interested in mindfulness and how to use it in my daily life. Thank you both" (Participant Nov 2016)

"This was a well organised and fantastic course. Bob and Laura are genuine teachers with a wonderful style. It has given me a real taste for the practice with some practical ways to use it in everyday life" Dr. BC (Spring 2016)

"Excellent communication and facilitation skills of the organisers. A very spacious and compassionate approach. Great explanation, discussion and description. Well led practical exercises. An encouraging space for all the participants to speak their minds. And humorous sometimes too!"

"A really worthwhile course run by very friendly and knowledgeable teachers. It has helped me to treat myself and others with more kindness and less blame"

"The course has really helped me feel happier. As someone who suffers from anxiety Mindfulness has allowed me to focus more on the present and manage my stress and feelings of panic a lot better. It is a tool I will use for life. It really puts things in perspective" 

Comments from participants in our courses. All participants rate the quality of teaching excellent or very good in anonymous feedback questionnaires.

founders - bob and laura

Bob has been a meditator for over 25 years. He has taught workshops and led groups in charities and organisations including: Arthritis Care, Cancer Research, the National Autistic Society and the government department DEFRA. Laura is a meditator and clinical psychologist currently developing mindfulness-based interventions for people with neurological conditions. Bob and Laura both trained to teach MBSR with the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. We both adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers – Good Practice Guidelines.

mindfulness and stress

Mindfulness is now recognised as one of most effective ways of understanding and managing the stress in our lives and it is gaining in popularity because of it's effectiveness and life changing potential. Research has now shown beyond doubt that mindfulness practices, such as meditation and body awareness, can have significant positive impacts in both the short and long term. Steady practice actually leads to beneficial changes in brain function that correspond to improved well being.

learning mindfulness skills

There is nothing mystical about the techniques. With good tuition and support they can be learned by anyone. It is a subtle skill, however, and is thus best taught by someone who has considerable personal experience of mindfulness and an ongoing personal practice. Learning is by doing and by exploring for oneself guided by the tutor and in discussion with other learners. In this way the practice is understood from the "inside" and self reliance is cultivated.

how can I learn about mindfulness?

Meditation and Mindfulness training courses are becoming more and more common. There are taster courses and also "classic" 8 week courses based on a programme called MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction) developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Courses can be found on

mindfulness of boating - barge fiodra

Bob's "other project" is Barge Fiodra mindfulness studio and arts venue. If you would like to find out about the project and where the Mindfulness Barge will be... go to

Please note: we offer concessions for charity staff/volunteers and health workers/NHS staff on all our courses.

* Note the NAS kindly allows us to use meeting rooms at their offices. MITC is not part of or connected to the NAS in any other way.

photos & videos

Bob Chase leading one of the sessions at “The Big Sit” London, September 2021

Onboard Barge Fiodra
Onboard Barge Fiodra