"I feel empowered thanks to having a range of mindfulness practices which I can weave into my everyday life"
"The course has really helped me feel happier. As someone who suffers from anxiety Mindfulness has allowed me to manage my stress and feelings of panic a lot better"
"Insightful course and a great introduction to Mindfulness. The tutor has some great first-hand knowledge and experience in the practice"
"A really worthwhile course run by very friendly and knowledgeable teachers. It has helped me to treat myself and others with more kindness and less blame"
"It ended too fast! Would love to carry on doing sessions. Course should be longer - enjoyed it too much"
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Caring for ourselves and our mental health has never been more important. This 4-week course offers a highly engaging and practical introduction to Mindfulness. Delivered online by an expert tutor it’s accessible and affordable.

Mindful approaches to stress have proven to be easy to learn and use in almost any circumstance. Although it’s not a magic solution or right for everyone it can form an important part of a personal strategy in these challenging times.

First Steps are always important. This course will get you going in the right direction. It will equip you with the key tools and knowledge to practise straight away. It will provide a firm foundation for any future exploration of Mindfulness.

4 x Sunday evenings from Nov 22 at 7pm
Mindfulness First Steps – online

Each online Zoom session lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes. These sessions, guided by the tutor, focus on learning key Mindfulness practices. These include sitting meditations, body scanning and mindful movement. These are followed by gentle exploration of your immediate experience of each exercise.

A key part of the course is your commitment to a daily mindful exercise or activity between each of the weekly sessions. Like any new skill, benefits only come from actually doing.

This course is based on similar, evidence-based, short and longer courses that have proven positive impacts.

The tutor

Bob Chase has been teaching meditation for 14 years and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) since training with the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in 2014. He first learned to meditate over 25 years ago.

Bob founded Mindful in the City (MITC) in 2014 with Dr Laura Madeley. MITC partners now work in many settings including: universities, businesses and charities. Bob follows the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses

His day jobs have included: management of digital teams, arts management and co-ownership of two internet companies. He also runs a floating arts venue alongside teaching mindfulness


Resources to accompany the course are located on a customised website for participants only. It includes: the downloadable audio guides required for the “homework”, extended notes written by the tutor and selected video and audio material, book and link lists.


This course is designed for people who want to find ways of working with stress more effectively and increasing their overall level of awareness and well-being. It gently encourages moving towards experiences, including difficulties, in order to be able to work with them more skilfully. This can be challenging as well as rewarding.

If you have a current mental health issue such as clinical depression or PTSD, or are in a period of major life challenge such as recent bereavement, active substance addiction or trauma, a Mindfulness course may not be right for you at this time.

If you have any concern about your circumstances please contact Bob initially by email: bob@mindfulinthecity.co.uk. Bob will get in contact to discuss the best option for you. All information you share will be treated in strict confidence. In some circumstances he may suggest you do not undertake the course.

Course fees

This course is offered at a special online rate of £49.00

Please note: this course is usually only available to organisations at £75 per person. More in depth 8-week MBSR courses are in the region of £300.

Each group is kept small, max 12, to support the personal nature of the experience. Each course includes 5 hours of online group learning led by your tutor.

All participants are eligible to attend FREE our monthly practice sessions after the course

At this special rate no concessions are available.

Book/Register NOW – Nothing to pay until your place is confirmed

Book now

Step 1: Read/download the pre-course information

Step 2: Complete the course registration form

Step 3: Receive confirmation by email with a request to pay online

(Invoices can also be issued on request)


We will be to running this course again in January, February and March 2021

If you would like to receive information on those dates please email bob@mindfulinthecity.co.uk with any preferences i.e. day of the week. We will put you on the waiting list.

Recent clients for the First Steps online coursewwq

Recent clients – Mindfulness First Steps – online

If you are interested in offering this class within your organisation, please contact us directly via chat or info@mindfulinthecity.co.uk