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Queen Mary University Yurt
Queen Mary University Yurt
Queen Mary University
“For me it was very interesting to hear about the concept that mindfulness is something that is done actively, and not an attempt to stop thinking”
Queen Mary University
“I really enjoyed the taster session and liked Bob’s guidance and approach”
Queen Mary University
“Loved how Bob guided us through how to focus and relax and how to concentrate on the “now”. The information about the science was really interesting”
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a taste of mindfulness – a practical introduction
FREE to UK Charities

Caring for ourselves and our mental health has never been more important. Our Taster Session offer a highly engaging and practical introduction to Mindfulness. Delivered online by an expert tutor.

Mindful approaches to stress have proven to be easy to learn and use in almost any circumstance. Although it’s not a magic solution or right for everyone it can form an important part of a personal strategy in these challenging times.

First encounters are always important. This session provides an opportunity to “see what it is all about” To try some practices and to guage whether it has potential for you or your organisation.


The online Zoom session lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It includes three mindful meditation practices and an explanation of the theory and science behind mindfulness. It is informal, informative and offers tools for stress reduction that can be used straight away. Staff or volunteers can participate from home using the Zoom platform. Feedback has been very positive – “I really enjoyed the taster session” – “Loved how Bob guided us”

The tutor

Bob Chase trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research. He has been teaching MBSR in organisations for 14 years. His own practice started over 30 years ago.

Bob founded Mindful in the City (MITC) in 2014 with Dr Laura Madeley. MITC partners now work in many settings including: universities, businesses and charities. Bob follows the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses

His day jobs have included: management of digital teams, arts management and co-ownership of two internet companies. He also runs a floating arts venue alongside teaching mindfulness


Resources to accompany the Taster Session are located on a customised website for participants only. It includes: the downloadable audio guides, notes written by the tutor and selected video and audio material, book and link lists.


We are offering one FREE taster session to registered UK charities*

Our reasons: Firstly we have a commitment making mindfulness available to workers in the voluntary sector. We recognise that stress and anxiety has grown due to the Covid pandemic. We want to offer something useful.

Secondly we hope you will want to go a little deeper as individuals or as an organisation. We can help with additional sessions or perhaps a suitable course like our popular 4 Week Mindfulness First Steps. course.

*Note: We reserve the right decline requests if unsuitable

Enquire now

To arrange a free Taster Session for your Charity email taster@mindfulinthecity.co.uk

or call Bob Chase for a chat on Oh! 795 441 7165

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Recent charity clients – taster sessions and courses