New online sessions/courses - available Autumn 2020

Many organisations already recognise the value of mindfulness training for their staff and for themselves. Now, in the context of Covid-19, it's more relevant than ever.

Research is beginning to show clear links between mindfulness and improved faculties such as resilience, communication, creativity and the management of complexity and change. These are now more needed than ever.

Adding Mindfulness to your staff wellbeing programmme

Whilst many organisations are interested in Mindfulness, they often find it hard to know where to start.  My approach makes it simple for organisations to gauge staff interest before committing to any deeper initiatives. These online initiatives have been trialled with three organisations this year, so you can have full confidence in their effectiveness (references available).

Firstly I recommend offering a "Taster Session" to all staff. Follow this up by gathering detailed feedback to gauge impact and interest. Move to offering a beginners' course "Mindfulness First Steps" if there is sufficient interest. This approach is low cost and risk free. It offers something of immediate value and the opportunity to progress at your own pace.

The "First Steps" course is 4 weeks long, but still includes the key elements of the more widely known 8-week MBSR Course. Four weeks has proven more feasible for busy staff and makes the initiative affordable for the organisation.

Taster Sessions

A Taster Session is a useful initiative to gauge the interest of colleagues in mindfulness. I always conduct a feedback survey after each session that is shared with clients.

"Really enjoyed the taster session and liked Bob’s guidance and approach"

"For me it was very interesting to hear about the concept that mindfulness is something that is done actively, and not an attempt to stop thinking"

Our Taster Sessions are a great introduction to mindfulness for the curious. Participants leave with an understanding of the theory behind mindfulness and an experience of mindfulness-building practices.

Over one and a quarter hours we cover the science behind mindfulness and why it is being embraced by health professionals in the UK. We will introduce you to the key concepts and techniques that you can begin using right away.

Following the session participants are given access to a special resources web page that includes a downloadable audio guide and information on how to take their interest further. They are also invited to attend the monthly free online Practice Sessions offered by MITC. Further information ...

Mindfulness First Steps (4-week course)

This course has been specifically designed for organisations and for remote delivery. It offers organisations a practical method of introducing Mindfulness as part of their wellbeing or mental health programme.  Further information ...

  • 4 x 75-minute Zoom sessions led by Bob Chase
  • 1 x 30-minute Q&A Zoom session (optional)
  • Access to resources for each of the 4 weeks, including: audio downloads, videos
  • "Homework" assignments: 10 minutes per day minimum
  • Tutor support during the period of the course by phone and email
  • Access to FREE ongoing monthly Practice Sessions run by MITC

Feedback on this course

"A really helpful and practical course to start to use mindfulness within tasks that you already do everyday" 

"Bob was very practical and helpful in allowing us to understand that we wouldn't be able to "clear our heads". It gave me the confidence to keep going even when I felt I wasn't being as good at mindfulness as I'd hoped"

"Insightful course and a great introduction to MSBR, the tutor has some great first-hand knowledge and experience in the practice" 

"Practising Mindfulness has made me understand how much time I spent on autopilot and has given me a new perspective on how enriching it is to pay attention to the present moment." 

"The initial surprise of all that was in the world, however small, when introduced to mindfulness"

What are the fees?

  • 1 x Taster Session: £75.00 (£120 for 2 sessions) for up to 16 people
  • 1 x Mindfulness First Steps Course: £650 for up to 16 people
  • 1 x Individual place on a First Steps "Open" Course: £45 (discounts for 2 or more people)
  • Negotiation may be possible for small charities

Want to find out more?

Please call or email me, Bob Chase, for an informal chat about your organisation and what I can offer. Here is more about me...


T: 0795 441 7165

MITC clients include:

  • Staff at Queen Mary University London
  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation (Charity)
  • BARTS (Hospital) Charity
  • BetKnowMore (Charity)
  • DEFRA (Government Department)
  • Arthritis Care (National Charity)
  • College of North East London (Psychology Dept)
  • Mind Yourself (Charity)
  • National Autistic Society, Helpline Team (National Charity)
  • AS Mentoring Ltd (Autism Mentoring)
  • Social Search (Global Recruitment Company)
  • A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd (International Construction Company)