mindfulness - first steps 4 week course

This four week course gives a firm introduction to mindfulness and core mindfulness skills. It includes practices from the classic 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction) course, however, it is necessarily a more condensed experience. Attending all the sessions and undertaking the homework is therefore even more important.

"Practising Mindfulness has made me understand how much time I spent on autopilot and has given me a new perspective on how enriching it is to pay attention to the present moment." (Susan 2016)


  1. What is mindfulness and our automatic pilot?
  2. The importance of developing our mind body connection
  3. Working with difficulty and exploring our habitual thoughts
  4. Weaving mindfulness into our daily lives

The course is for the general public but may be of special interest to staff, working in charities, education or the NHS, who would like to better understand stress and how to manage it mindfully. It is not a therapeutic or counselling course. It is an experiential course - learning by doing and exploring.

Activities will include exploring techniques and discussing experiences with other participants and the course tutor. Weekly "homework" will be set using simple worksheets and guided meditation recordings. To get the maximum benefit from the course participants should commit to attend all the sessions, do a daily meditation at home for 10-20 minutes and carry out some simple assignments between sessions.

No previous knowledge or experience is required but you may wish to read around the subject to supplement the experience. I would recommend Prof Mark Williams book "Finding Peace in a Frantic World" or Michael Chaskalson's book "Mindfulness in 8 weeks"