taster sessions - now available online via Zoom

Our taster sessions are a great introduction to mindfulness for the curious. Participants leave with an understanding of the theory behind mindfulness and an experience of mindfulness building practices.

Over one and a quarter hours we will cover the science behind mindfulness and why it is being embraced by health professionals in the UK. We will introduce you to the key concepts and techniques that you can begin using right away.

Following the session participants are given access to a special resources web page that includes a downloadable audio guide and information of how to take their interest further. They are also invited to attend the monthly free online Practice Sessions offered by MITC.


A Taster Session is a useful initiative to gauge the interest of colleagues in mindfulness. We conduct a feedback survey after each session that is shared with the client. Clients can choose to follow up with more tasters for more staff and or move on to offer a 4 or 6 week course either on or off-line. See "Mindfulness First Steps" 4 week online course.

If you would like to book a taster session for staff in your organisation, please get in contact. We are always happy to design sessions to meet your needs.

clients include:

  • The Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • BetKnowMore (Charity)
  • DEFRA (Government Department)
  • Arthritis Care (National Charity)
  • College of North East London (Psychology Dept)
  • Mind Yourself (Charity)
  • National Autistic Society, Helpline Team (National Charity)
  • AS Mentoring Ltd (Autism Mentoring)
  • Queen Mary University London (staff initiative)
  • Social Search (Global Recruitment Company)
  • BARTS (Hospital) Charity
  • A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd (International Construction Company)