Online Practice Sessions Via Zoom - FREE

These (online) practice sessions are for those who have attended one of our courses or who have participated in a taster session.

Led by Bob Chase (or by Will or Nicole) they last for 30 minutes and include a guided sitting meditation followed by a discussion of your experience of the practice and an opportunity to ask questions about your practice and mindfulness in general.

"Thanks so much for the drop in session, Bob. It was great and I enjoyed it very much. See you next week" Paul

"I enjoyed The ability to take time out of the constant anxious whirl of thoughts and to just ‘be’. 

“Even that short session was immensely helpful – looking forward to more in the future”

“That was wonderful, thank you. I look forward to more sessions”

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Dates 2021

  • Wed Apr 7 at 16:00
  • Mon April 26 at 12:30
  • Mon May 24 at 12:30
  • Mon June 28 at 12:30
  • Mon July 26 at 12:30
  • Mon Aug 23 at 12:30
  • Mon Sept 27 at 12:30
  • Mon Oct 25 at 12:30
  • Mon Nov 22 at 12:30
  • Mon Dec 20 at 12:30

Friendly and informal

Keeping going with mindfulness is made easier if you regularly meet with others who have also attended a course, be it with us or another mindfulness teacher.

It gives you a chance to refresh your practice, ask questions and gain motivation from fellow practitioners.

Sessions typically cover a specific aspect of mindfulness practice, a period of mindful meditation and a Q and A session

Friendly and informal they practice sessions are a great opportunity for re connection to why you became interested in mindfulness.

Bob is a skilful communicator and brought in illustrations and examples that expanded my resources when approaching the techniques of mindfulness.