Amaravati practice day

Just returned from a glorious day at Amaravati monastery organised by the lovely people in ALBA the Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association.
Walked back over Ashridge to Berkhampsted station in the twilight  got lost in the dark.. but so saw a bright moon and Betelgeuse.

Silent sitting and walking in the morning , followed by a guided meditation and mindful chats on the theme of “why are we here” in the afternoon. Some moving and some very funny stories were shared by the 30 or so participants. Someone shared the answer of a nun. At the point of arriving at Amaravati for the first time, she answered simply … “freedom”.

Jenna Ghouse and Richard Bomber led the day, and I was please to chat with Richard after the silent lunch. I learned about his meditation teaching at Unitarian Church.. no idea it was so old a tradition.. and we shared our concerns over the inexperience of some new mindfulness teachers. I hope we get to speak again Richard.

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