Learning to Float – poem by Lucy Mitchell

Lucy came along to our Spring MBSR course 2017. We try and read a relevant poem at the end of each of our classes. Now we have an original one to read from a participant. Thank you so much Lucy!

Learning to Float

As I step in the water it feels fresh on my skin,
It licks at my ankles and splashes up my legs,
I go deeper and stand still, apprehensive,
I can feel the fine sand displaced by the waves under the soles of my feet,
Deeper still,
It takes my breath away, the chill, the beauty, the unpredictability,
I wade further now, unbalanced on my legs,
Dragged by the force of the oscillating water,
Broken shingle cut into my feet, and weeds wrap around my calves,
Passed my waist, I’m pulled over by the waves,
Submerged beneath the murky water, not knowing which way to go,
I panic, but part of me is exhilarated,
I follow the light, break the surface, weather the storm and breathe again.
I am in control now, using remembered strokes to stay meaningfully adrift,
I set myself goals and challenge the waves – head on,
I dare them to floor me and roll me over,
Tease them into wiping me out,
I think I am invincible,
Until I find myself beyond the waves, above the swell,
And I realise, I have been swimming most of my life,
But I am only just learning to float.

Lucy Mitchell (MBSR participant March 2017) rights reserved

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