4 Week "Mindfulness First Steps" online course now available.

"I feel empowered thanks to having a range of mindfulness practices which I can weave into my everyday life"

"That it ended too fast! Would love to carry on doing sessions - course should be longer, enjoyed it too much

Part of your staff well-being programme

We have worked to make it as easy as possible for organisations and businesses to introduce mindfulness into their well-being- programme. Our "Taster Sessions" are engaging and allow staff enthusiasm to be tested. Our 4 week "First Steps" online course is thorough yet realistic in terms of staff commitment. Our packages make it a very affordable, for all kinds of organisation.

Workplace well-being for dispersed teams

Changes in working practices, underpinned by technology, are accelerating rapidly. The current Covid-19 pandemic has supercharged those changes, which will likely endure well after the crisis is over.

Strategies for supporting staff in these circumstances must change as well. Work-place based initiatives, for a time, will be on hold. Finding effective and creative ways of supporting staff remotely is now vital.

Mindfulness is widely acknowledged as a key skill and approach to managing stress, anxiety and depression. All of which can have huge impact on the individual and the organisation.

Typically taught in office settings the good news is that there is now sound evidence that Mindfulness can be effectively taught to groups online. The latest conferencing apps, such as Zoom, are easy to use and have been adopted by many Mindfulness teachers and organisations.

Responding to requests from clients we have decided to adapt our four week course “Mindfulness First Steps” for delivery online