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This list of links and resources accompanied an (online) Mindfulness Taster workshop for LGBTQ staff and students at QMUL. The session was held as part of the LGBTQ Awareness Month, February 2021

This list is NOT definitive, but rather a starting point. Their inclusion is does not indicate my agreement with all views expressed. Suggestions are welcome to improve this list. Please send any suggestions or comments to bob@mindfulinthecity.co.uk 

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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare,"

Audre Lorde in "A Burst of Light and Other Essays". Audre a self-described "Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet,"

"It doesn’t matter where you find yourself on the spectrums of sexuality or gender. Pride is for you, and so is a more mindful, awakened life"

Jay Michaelson


Presentation "LGBTQ-Affirmative-Mindfulness-Project" from the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.

  • Growing body of literature strongly suggests that empirically supported group MBIs (Mindfulness interventions) for youth — including marginalized youth — provide solid mental health coping skills, and enhances self-compassion and resiliency

  • Shown to reduce reports of co-occurring symptoms commonly reported in LGBTQ+youth literature (e.g. depression and anxiety)

  • Some research with LGBTQ+ communities — mindfulness and self-compassion beneficial in resolving psychological distress, supporting coming out process, addressing psychosocial stressors



"Caring for ourselves is paramount  - 14 Black LGBTQ+ Folks on How They’re Taking Care of Themselves Right Now"

by Candace Bond-Theriault

What Does Mindfulness Have to do with Pride Month?

Dr. Jay Michaelson is the editor of wisdom content for Ten Percent Happier and a columnist for the Daily Beast.

Why offer a LGBTQIA+ retreat? 

Larry Yang - On 16th November 2019, I co-led, a one day retreat for all who identify as LGBTQI+ and our allies. For me, it is a significant milestone in a journey of almost twenty years.


"We are Queer (LGBTQIA2S+) mindfulness and meditation teachers who want to create an online Queer community based on the wisdom and practice of meditation/mindfulness"

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/LGBTMeditates/

Courses online - general

(FREE) Finding Calm in the Chaos is an interactive mindfulness course for building wellbeing and resilience in times of change and uncertainty. It is open to registration to youth aged 18-23. From iBeMe 

Mental Health

MindOut - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer Mental Health Service

Guided 3 Step (3 minute ) Mindfulness practice for use anywhere any time.